Here is how it works:

1. You convince clubs, schools, organizations, other churches (or even other ministries from your own church, like the Children's Ministry or VBS) to get their shirts from LIFEMERCH.COM

2. When they order their shirts your group will get a credit or check for 10% of their first order (subsequent orders or re-orders do not apply)!!!  The organization must mention your group at the time of ordering their shirts for you to get credit.

3. You can either request a check be written to the ministry of your choosing or you can use the credit to purchase all or even a part of your own shirts.

4. Once the organization pays for their merchadise LIFEMERCH will then send your minstry the funds or issue you your credit!

5. The possibilities are ENDLESS!  Scholarship funds, Mission Trips, Youth Group Christmas parties!  If you know of a bunch of small businesses who need apparel you could raise a massive amount of funds in a very easy, quick amount of time.  We can send you a flier to hand out or a link that people can click on that explains everything.  Word of mouth is huge (and easy)!  If you merely send them to the site and they order shirts you win!

If an organization places an order for $1500 (which is very easy to do with T-Shirt orders) you will get $150 toward your desired goal.

Start the conversation today by sending an email to or text to 724-417-4507

P.S. There are also other referral opportunities by which your group can raise funds such as finding conferences for LIFEMERCH to sell at or Events for David J Hardie to speak for. Ask us about these things!  There are VERY easy ways to raise money for your group!